Join the UCSF Healthy Brain Study
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UCSF Healthy Brain Study

This is a study to learn about how medications, drugs, food and drinks influence brain health for people living with HIV.

Study Overview 

Research Topic:


Brain Health in individuals living with HIV



Visit 1: ZSF General Hospital, Building 5 

Visit 2: China Basin Radiology



Visit 1: Up to $50          

Visit 2: $100


What is the purpose of this study?

This study is seeking to learn more about how different factors such as medications, drugs, food and drinks influence the brain health of people living with HIV

You may be able to join if:

  • You are between 39 and 61 years old
  • You are living with HIV 



Frequently Asked Questions

What will participants be asked to do?
  • Visit 1 has two parts. Part one includes an eligibility screening. If the participant is eligible, they will also complete part two, which includes a blood draw and an interview about health, medication and substance-use. 
  • Visit 2 is an MRI brain scan.
How long is each visit?
  • Visit 1 has 30 minutes for the first part and 1.5 hours for the second part. In total, about 2 hours.
  • Visit 2 is about 1 hour.
What is an MRI?
  • MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It is a painless procedure where they take a picture of the brain to see the small blood vessels. An MRI does not use any radiation. Instead, it uses magnets and radio waves to take very detailed pictures.
Will participants be paid?
  • Yes, they will be paid up $150.

Want more information?

You can reach the study team by phone at 415-244-1206 or email [email protected]